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Breed Characteristics

Life Span:10-14 Years

Labahoula Build Information

The Labahoula is a mix between the Labrador Retriever and the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. These medium sized dogs have either single or double coats that may be the desirable coarse and slick or woolly or shaggy in appearance. They come in various solid colors and patchwork fur, including tri-color or quad-color combinations.

Weight:> 65 lbs

Behaviour and Personality

Labahoulas are known for their stable temperament and being reliant on human interactions more so than other breeds. They tend to be wary and protective, making them effective watchdogs. Labahoulas thrive with constant attention from their owners and present little difficulty in training with brief, repetitive sessions. These dogs are well adapted for hunting or herding and should be given at least an hour of daily exercise.

Activity Level:Very Active
Affection Level:Affectionate
Kid Friendliness:Very Friendly


Colors:Black, Chestnut, Red, White, Yellow
Grooming:Low Maintenance
Coat Type:Rough

Labahoula Pet Insurance

When adding a dog or cat to your family you want to make sure your pet is happy, healthy and protected. During its lifetime your pet is exposed to many illnesses and diseases and some breeds are affected by a congenital disease which is a condition existing at birth. At these moments when your pet is ill or maybe needs surgery, you want to be protected for the unexpected and high veterinarian costs.

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Breed Talents and Facts

Training:Moderately easy to train
Hunting Companion:Yes
Ideal for Tracking:Yes
Retrieving Skills:Yes