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Easy website to navigate. Prices much more affordable for the coverage than other insurances.

Fast easy, didn't have any questions that weren't answered during the sign up process.

Healthy Pets for Lower Premiums

Good health starts with great nutrition and preventative care.

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Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

If your pet becomes sick or is injured, will you need help affording the veterinary care required for its recovery? Many family budgets need help covering the bills associated with unexpected or sudden veterinarian care.

Hospital stays, wound treatment or emergency surgery can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. (Emergency Vets USA – March 2020). In cases of chronic health problems the costs may go on for years. Pet insurance can help you avoid difficult financial decisions.

Using PetPremium's Pet Insurance Comparison you can compare many policies from leading insurance companies all in one place to quickly check and match policy requirements to your budget.

Pet Insurance What's Covered?

Before spending on a pet insurance policy, be sure you understand what will be covered and what is excluded. If you purchase a policy without doing your research, you may end up surprised at what you have to pay out of your own pocket.

Typically the more benefits the insurance policy offers the higher the price. Some of the cheaper policies may only cover accidental injury and perhaps illness. Spend a bit more to cover routine vaccinations, dental care and other preventative, or "wellness" costs.

Many pet insurers don't provide coverage for medical conditions that existed prior to a policy being purchased. However, specialist insurers may provide coverage although it is likely to be more expensive and more restrictive than a standard policy.

Some breeds of dogs and cats are more prone to health problems than others. For example, golden retrievers and other large breeds are prone to hip dysplasia. These conditions are often excluded for these breeds. For more information about conditions that might affect your dog or cat, check out our Healthcare Directory or check with your veterinarian.

If your pet needs Accident only, Accident and Illness or Wellness coverage we will help you find a plan that best fits your pets needs.

How to Find the Best Premiums

Doing some research before buying a pet insurance policy makes good sense. You want the best coverage available at a price that suits your budget. There's the hard way of doing this research, visiting as many insurance web sites as you can find, typing your details and requirements into each site, making phone calls, collecting all the different options (probably hundreds) then picking out the key information from all the differently formatted and worded quotations.

There's also the easy way…

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