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A cross-breed between the Affenpinscher and the Norwich Terrier, the Affenwich was bred primarily as a companion dog, and is extremely intelligent and friendly around children. As a companion dog, the Affenwich enjoys being around people and is affectionate around them. It is a fairly recent cross-breed.

Breed Characteristics

Preferred Climate:Moderate Cold
Life Span:13-15 Years
Nicknames:No nicknames known for this breed.

Affenwich Build Information

The Affenwich balances out the more stocky look of a Norwich Terrier, while not appearing as much a toy dog as the Affenpinscher. It has an even build, and like its two parent breeds, a fairly consistent coat. The Affenwich is a small dog, or toy dog, and often has erect or drop ears similar to the ears of a Norwich Terrier. The Affenwich is bred with a number of different colors, whether black, red, a mix of black and gray or tan, or grizzle. As pups their appearance is far more consistent as a dark, highlighted coat, but this will change over time as they get older. The Affenwich's coat is somewhat thicker than that of a Norwich Terrier, and can be rough and more dense overall, but still a bit softer than that of a Norwich.

Length (Male):8-12 in.
Length (Female):10-12 in.
Weight:< 14 lbs
Litter Size:1 - 3 Puppies
Tail Dock or Crop:Docked

Behaviour and Personality

The Affenwich is a small, friendly dog around people that is great around children, but make no mistake: the dog is a hunter. It will search the yard for critters it can hunt and catch, and has been known for chasing rabbits and other game. The Affenwich is a social dog which can be very vocal and it's not afraid to make noise when it needs to sound an alert.

Activity Level:Very Active
Affection Level:Very Affectionate
Aggressiveness Level:Easy
Dominating or Submissive?:None
Energy Level:Very Active
Good to Other Pets:Friendly
Guardian Skills:No
Kid Friendliness:Very Friendly


The Affenwich is a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, coming from two very hardy breeds with very solid coats. An Affenwich should not be brushed more than three times a week on average, but it should be maintained to avoid the possibility of matting.

Colors:Black, Black & Tan, Blue Gray, Gray, Grizzle, Nearly Black, Red, Red-Black Brindle, Tan
Grooming:Low Maintenance
Coat Type:Dense

Affenwich Common Health Conditions

While the Affenwich is generally a rather healthy mix, they can develop eye problems, as well as back problems. They may also have breathing problems in the heat, due to their thick coats. They may also develop a tendency toward hip dysplasia and heart disease.

Affenwich Pet Insurance

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Breed Talents and Facts

A well-kept Affenwich usually has a life expectancy of about 14,5 years on average. At full size, the Affenwich will reach about 12 inches tall, and will weigh anywhere from eight to fourteen pounds. The Affenwich has no common nicknames.

Hunting Companion:Yes
Jolly for Jogging:No
Sighting Capabilities:No
Ideal for Tracking:Yes
Retrieving Skills:No
Pointing Breed:No
Herding Skills:No
Dutiful Watchdog:Yes
Security Guard Capable:No
Police Performer:No
Wet Water rescues:No
Assist Disable Owners:No
Dog Sledding:No
Able to Perform Dog Carting:No
Fun with Lure Coursing:No
Possible Schutzhund Work:No
Trainable for Tricks:Yes