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Dogs are curious animals, but sometimes their carefree nature can result in unexpected incidents. See how dog insurance can help.

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Finding the right Pet Insurance Coverage

Our pets are more than pets, they’re family. As a boutique pet health insurance provider, we understand how important it is to find the right protection for pets. That’s why PetPremium likes to make your life easier: You can count on unparalleled service and convincing product packages that can cover every pet’s needs. What’s more — we are pet owners too. So, we know what you are looking for and understand that healthy pets equal happy pet parents. We take pet care extremely seriously and offer you many useful articles written by experienced veterinarians in our pet health center to help keep your pet happy, healthy and protected®.

In the section with the heart: “Our coverage is underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, an A-rated company (AM Best, March 2014), and we are supported by one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the pet insurance space. PetPremium is the recommended pet insurance provider. Still not convinced? Ask our growing Facebook Pet Fan Community!

Did You Know?

  • Almost 75% of all dogs and cats will become ill or injured at some point of their lives (AVMA)
  • Out of four dogs, 1 dies of cancer each year (Morris Animal Foundation)
  • About 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will experience some form of oral disease by the time they reach the age of three. (UC Davis/Dental Care for Pets)

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There are many things you can do to prevent your pet from getting ill, injured or sad. Find out useful tips and tricks on how to provide your pet with the best pet care.

Healthy Pet Articles
Anal Gland Cancer in Dogs
Anal Gland Cancer in Dogs

If you suspect an anal gland problem in your dog, immediate examination by your veterinarian is warranted; how to recognize anal gland cancer in dogs? All about anal gland cancer in dogs.

  • Stress Colitis in DogsStress Colitis in Dogs

    Canine colitis may have many causes, such as intestinal parasites and eating contaminated food. One of the most commonly diagnosed forms of colitis in dogs is stress-induced colitis. Learn more here!

  • Do Dogs Get Acne?Do Dogs Get Acne?

    Just like teenagers dogs can get acne during their own period of puberty (five to eight months of age). What are the possible conditions, how to recognize it and about the treatment for dog acne.

  • Puppy DiarrheaPuppy Diarrhea

    Diarrhea in puppies can be caused by viral and bacterial infections and intestinal parasites. If your puppy experiences diarrhea during a day’s consecutive bowel movements, he should be seen by a vet. Click here to see which conditions are related to diarrhea and what to do when your pet is sick.

Food and Nutrition
Choose the Best Cat Food
Choose the Best Cat Food

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best cat food? All about proteins in wellness cat food, carbohydrates and produce, cat obesity prevention and additives to avoid. Click here and see how to find and compare the best brands – keep your cat happy, healthy and protected!

  • Understanding Organic Cat FoodUnderstanding Organic Cat Food

    What is the difference between organic and natural? Find here tips on choosing the best organic cat food, how to read organic cat food labels, and the contents of organic cat food. Find out the ins and outs on natural and organic cat food to keep your friend happy and healthy!

  • Top Rated Dog Food Top Rated Dog Food

    Understand ratings of dog food, such as quality of ingredients, absence of preservatives, protein source and other common criteria. Check out our tips on choosing top rated dog food!

  • Understanding Organic Dog FoodUnderstanding Organic Dog Food

    Do you know how to read organic dog food labels? or what is the difference between 100% organic, organic dog food, and made with organic ingredients? Learn more about the dog food industry and the different options available in the market. A healthy dog is a happy friend!

Special Care Articles
Eco Friendly Dog Supplies: Go Green!
Eco Friendly Dog Supplies: Go Green!

Are you running a green household? Do you know there are dozens of eco friendly dog supplies that make it easy to stay green? From beds to eco friendly dog toys to eco friendly dog shampoo to collars. Learn more here!

  • Dogs 101 - Facts About DogsDogs 101 - Facts About Dogs

    We know how loyal dogs could be but what else do you know about your furry companion? Find here some great fun facts about dogs. If you are ready to welcome a dog into your family, there’s a bit more dogs 101 that you need to learn. Click here to learn more about our canine pals.

  • Cats 101 – Facts about CatsCats 101 – Facts about Cats

    Cats are grazers, and they like to pick at their food during the day. Unfortunately, this type of feeding can cause a cat to become obese. If you remember any of our facts about cats, remember this: Cats maintain a healthy weight more easily if they are fed several measured meals each day.

  • Best Natural Flea Control for DogsBest Natural Flea Control for Dogs

    Bugs love the warm weather of spring and summer and if you own a dog, fleas can be a real concern. If you are hesitant to use harsh chemicals to rid your pet of fleas, do not fret. There are many great methods of natural flea control for dogs as well. Click here to read more about this topic.

Pet Grooming Tips
How to Stop a Dog From Shedding?
How to Stop a Dog From Shedding?

If you are wondering how to stop a dog from shedding? There are several things that you can do. From getting the right tools to selecting a good diet. Some breeds are heavy shedding dogs, like the: Beagles, Chow Chows, Bulldogs and Collies .

  • How to Shave a Cat?How to Shave a Cat?

    How to shave a cat, or not? You may have been wondering whether or not shaving your long-haired cat will make it feel happier during hot days of summer. Find here some tips on shaving your cat!

  • How to Shave a Dog?How to Shave a Dog?

    Do you know how to shave a dog? A proper shaving is not as hard as you think, by following these steps you will be successful in shaving a dog. Take extra care when shaving sensitive areas of your pet’s body. Click here to learn more!

  • How To Trim Cat Nails?How To Trim Cat Nails?

    How To Trim Cat Nails? The preparation, approach and trim. Cutting cat nails will help to keep your cat healthy. Find here the basics of how to clip cat nails. Trim your cat’s nails once each month to keep them from growing too long.

ACL Injuries
ACL Injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, connects the back of your pet's femur to the front of its tibia. The ACL, also known as the cranial cruciate l...

  • Achondroplasia Achondroplasia

    Pets with achondroplasia, commonly called dwarfism, have a mutation in the gene for the fibroblast growth factor receptor. This mutation can cause stu...

  • Addison’s Disease Addison’s Disease

    Addison’s disease, also called hypoadrenocorticism or adrenocortical insufficiency, is an endocrine disorder in which the adrenal glands cannot prod...

  • Allergies - Flea Allergies - Flea

    If you have a pet, you probably know that fleas can be common and annoying problems when it comes to animals. These little pests multiply fast and fee...

Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain

Pain in the stomach region, between the chest and groin. Malignant cancers are often the reason for abdominal pain in older dogs. Abdominal pain in yo...

  • Abdominal Swelling Abdominal Swelling

    The stomach area is larger than normal, usually accompanied by abdominal pain. Abdominal swelling can be caused by something as innocent as eating to ...

  • Abnormal Heart Rate Abnormal Heart Rate

    A condition in which the heart beats in a abnormal or irregular way - either too slow, too fast, or it may skip a beat. Pets may experience physical w...

  • Aggression Aggression

    Aggression is a symptom usually defined as the intent to do harm, which means that some pets may show aggressive behavior toward other pets, or huma...